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VT65 Industrial TPMS Service Tool

The VT65 is a handheld industrial TPMS engineering tool for manufacturing facilities, on assembly lines and rework stations, or when preparing vehicles for export or domestic dispatch.

Built to meet OEM specifications and requirements, it features TPMS sensor activation and TPMS sensor state manipulation functions, for production and testing.

Its ergonomic design, and optional long antenna, facilitates the technician’s work on the production line. Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity permits to wirelessly transmit TPMS sensor IDs to a local PC or to the factory network for central data processing. Data can also be transferred via OBD directly to the vehicle’s ECU.


Software built to OEM sensor specifications and requirements
Configurable for Automotive Production Lines, Tire Assembly Lines, Repair Work Stations
Barcode scanner for fast vehicle or product identification
Permits sensor state manipulation (ship mode, park mode, test mode, transmission mode etc.)
Data transfer via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or IR
Multilingual, customizable to local language requirements
Optional long antenna to facilitates the technician’s work on the production line

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