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Get the most out of your ATEQ VT36

View and download information on how to use the VT36 TPMS sensor activation and programming tool. Download the PC software (WebVT) to receive the latest vehicle and sensor updates on the tool.

A software license must be purchased to receive the latest vehicle and sensor coverage for the VT36. Once purchased, users can update the tool as many times as desired throughout the year subscription. Software licenses can be purchased through your local ATEQ tool distributor.

For immediate support, please see the FAQ or contact tech support.


Is your tool up to date?

The PC software (WebVT) provides the VT36 with the latest TPMS sensor and vehicle coverage. First, turn the tool on and connect it to the PC. Next, download the software to the PC and follow the instructions to set up WebVT.


Please visit this page on a computer to download our PC software

VT36 manuals

How to use the VT36, including detailed specifications, operation and troubleshooting



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