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Meet the team: Ardit Shameti, ATEQ TPMS Technical Support

Ardit2Ardit Shameti began his career at ATEQ as a technical support technician in March 2017. He came from the retail industry, with no prior experience in the automotive industry. Fellow co-workers were shocked at how quickly he caught on to comprehending TPMS technology, and how well he excelled in customer service and support.

“I had no idea there was an entire industry in TPMS. It’s amazing to see how many people work within the industry, and how much TPMS has impacted aftermarket and OEM industries,” he commented. “Now that I am in the industry of TPMS, I am eager to learn more! I am definitely more interested in the field and I am excited to continue my career at ATEQ to see where it takes me in the future.”

Ardit believes the best part about this job as a technical support technician is communicating with such a diverse group of individuals in the industry and within the company.

“I have learned a lot about people from different regions of the United States through customer service calls. Every call is different, which makes the work we perform so exciting. It is also a great opportunity that we are able to communicate with ATEQ team members worldwide. Overall, I feel the cultural diversity that is presented at ATEQ brings about fantastic opportunities for the future, and I am honored to be part of this incredible team.”

Ardit is originally from Korca, Albania and has lived in the Metro Detroit, Michigan area since he was 2 years old. Currently, he attends Schoolcraft College to pursue a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. In his spare time, Ardit enjoys going to the gym to stay active, to play soccer with friends and on occasion with adult leagues, and appreciates spending time with family. He hopes after graduating college at Schoolcraft College in 2020, he will be able to continue his career at ATEQ in the TPMS industry, using what he learned at school to make an impact in the TPMS technological field.

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