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ATEQ TPMS Tools Announces Booth Personnel for SEMA and AAPEX 2019

Livonia, Michigan (September 25, 2019) – ATEQ TPMS Tools is excited to announce the booth personnel for the 2019 SEMA and AAPEX shows. This is ATEQ’s tenth consecutive year exhibiting at both events. 


SEMA booth 40195 personnel: 


  • Desart Dinkollari, Operations Manager, 6th-year attendee
  • Grant Barnes, Creative Marketing Specialist, 3rd-year attendee
  • Emily Humpert, Marketing Communications Specialist, 1st-year attendee
  • Elliot Morin, Technical Support (En/Fr), 1st-year attendee
  • Ardit Shameti, Technical Support, 1st-year attendee
  • Christiana, Hostess, 3rd-year attendee
  • Celia, Hostess, 1st-year attendee
  • Rosa, Hostess, 3rd-year attendee



Desart Dinkollari

Operations Manager

Grant Barnes

Creative Marketing Specialist


Emily Humpert

Marketing Comm. Specialist


Elliot Morin

Technical Support (En/Fr)


Ardit Shameti

Technical Support















AAPEX booth 1058 personnel: 

  • Renan Ludscher, Database Manager, 4th-year attendee
  • Josh Holmes, Technical Support, 1st-year attendee
  • Jeff Buckley, Special Guest and Shop Owner, 3rd-year attendee

Renan Ludscher

Database Manager


Josh Holmes

Technical Support



Jeff Buckley

Special Guest/Shop Owner



At SEMA, customers, partners, and guests can expect an array of ATEQ TPMS aftermarket tools, demonstration stations, a super-charged luxury performance vehicle for tool demonstrations, a demonstration game, and giveaways. A red 2019 McLaren 720S will be on display at the SEMA booth, so visitors can play the “Lights Out” game. The prizes that will be given away will be announced on Thursday, October 24 on social media.


In the AAPEX booth, Jeff Buckley, owner of My Father’s Shop, will be hosting multiple training sessions for all attendees. In total, there will be five training sessions regarding best TPMS practices and a live demonstration. Click here to read more.


About ATEQ TPMS Tools

ATEQ TPMS, a division of ATEQ, is the leading manufacturer of TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) diagnostic tools and solutions, chosen by Automotive and Commercial Vehicle Aftermarkets, OEMs and Assembly Lines and used by the broadest spectrum of customers globally.


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