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ATEQ announces booth personnel at SEMA and AAPEX 2018

ATEQ TPMS Tools is proud to announce the booth personnel who will be working the shows at AAPEX and SEMA. ATEQ TPMS has exhibited at SEMA and AAPEX since 2005.

AAPEX booth personnel:

  • Mike Hladis, Administrative Assistant, 1st-year attendee
  • Renan Ludscher, Database Manager, AAPEX team lead, 3rd-year attendee
  • Zoran Simon, Technical Support, 1st-year attendee

SEMA booth personnel:

  • Desart Dinkollari, Service Manager, 5th-year attendee
  • Erjon Dino, Lead Technical Support, SEMA team lead, 2nd-year attendee
  • Grant Barnes, Marketing Assistant, 2nd-year attendee
  • Sheila Stevens, Marketing Manager, SEMA and Myers Tire Supply booths, 5th-year attendee
  • Christiana, Hostess, 2nd-year attendee
  • Elizabeth, Hostess, 1st-year attendee
  • Rosa, Hostess, 2nd-year attendee

Customers, partners, and guests can expect a showcase of ATEQ TPMS aftermarket tools, demonstration stations, a classic custom vehicle for tool demonstrations, a demonstration game, and giveaways. A 1966 gold Jaguar will be on display at the SEMA booth, so visitors can play the “Lights Out” game. The prizes that will be given away at SEMA will be announced on Tuesday, October 9th on social media. The custom Jaguar at the booth is thanks to the award-winning automotive restoration and design company, Ireson Motor Sports, who specializes in the restoration of classic British sports cars.

  • SEMA booth 40217
  • AAPEX booth 1068

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