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ATEQ Welcomes New North American CEO, Davy Leboucher

Davy Leboucher ATEQLivonia, MI – ATEQ TPMS Tools, LC is proud to announce Davy Leboucher’s new role as ATEQ North America CEO. Leboucher is based in the Livonia, Michigan office and is responsible for overseeing sales, marketing and operations for all three ATEQ divisions: Leak Testing, TPMS, and Aviation.  He will be working closely with the managers from all ATEQ North America locations (USA, Canada and Mexico) to streamline processes to improve efficiency and increase ATEQ’s market share.

“He is an accomplished engineer, a great manager, a successful salesman and is equally at ease negotiating very tough contracts, facing legal challenges or assembling an instrument.  Above all, he is a very respectful human being,” added Michael Gutman, ATEQ COO.

Leboucher worked for as the director of ATEQ France for 15 years before joining a high tech aviation company for 6 years as an International Sales Director.

“I am honored to be back with ATEQ and look forward to working with the North American team to make the organization as efficient and effective as possible,” commented Leboucher.

Leboucher will be exploring innovative ways to find new customers and strengthen relationships with existing customers.  He will also be tasked with optimizing operational proficiency to achieve faster service and sales lead times along with synergizing internal organization platforms and increasing trackable analytics for continuous improvement.

 “We are excited to welcome Davy and will certainly provide all the support that he needs to help continue our growth in North America. Another valuable asset to the team is certainly something that it is always welcomed with open arms,” added Bill Whitlow, ATEQ USA Operations Manager.

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