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ATEQ TPMS Tools releases new VT31 promotional video

ATEQ TPMS Tools releases a VT31 promotional video for distributors, partners, and resellers to share with customers. This tool is available in North America.

The VT31 is a TPMS sensor reader and activator. It has the ability to accurately read tire pressure as well as all TPMS sensor information, including sensor ID, frequency, temperature and battery life.

This tool is a great essential tool for the front serviceman to check TPMS sensor information before working on a customer’s vehicle. For savvy do-it-yourselfers, the VT31 has the ability to check sensor information when switching from winter to summer tires. It pairs well with the Quickset tool. Replace your traditional tire tread gauge with the VT31 TPMS sensor reader, and keep your customers safe on the road!

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