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VIDEO: Educating the customer in TPMS

Andrew from Babcox Media explains why educating the customer in TPMS is important for keeping the customer safe on the road and selling TPMS services.

“Ask any customer about TPMS, and chances are they will say it is a light on the dashboard. As professionals, we know that is a lot more and we must educate that customer on what that really is and what it means to them. Chances are, if you showed a customer a picture of a TPMS sensor, TPMS tool or TPMS service kit, they would not know what these things are.

“If you asked them what TPMS is, they would probably point to their dash, and that “annoying light that comes on” that warns them their tires are low. It is your responsibility at a shop to educate that customer. Show them a TPMS tool, TPMS sensor and TPMS service kit in your showroom or waiting room so they know they aren’t just dealing with a light on the dash, they are dealing with a complete system that will improve the safety of their vehicle, and also the fuel economy.

“So, make it a point to educate and advocate to your customers about the role of TPMS on their vehicle, before they need all four sensors replaced. This way, when they come to your shop with the light on, they’ll trust you when you recommend 4 sensors for their vehicle.”

ATEQ TPMS was proud to sponsor the Brake and Front End video.

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