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The Importance of Maintaining Constant Software Updates

Livonia, MICH. (March 9, 2020) – An outdated TPMS tool can emulate a malfunctioning or broken tool, when in fact, it may need to be updated. Each update includes important features and “bug” fixes, which are necessary to keep each tool future proof. In order to utilize these features, an update is required.



ATEQ TPMS Tools releases one software update each quarter, totaling four updates each year. Each update contains aftermarket sensor information and new/updated vehicle information. Constant updates allow TPMS tools to stay future proof and increase technician performance.   


Whether the user purchased the tool 10 years ago or yesterday, future proof technology allows both tools to have the same features and functions. All software updates are communicated through ATEQ and details can be found on our website.  


Keeping the TPMS tool up to date is the most integral part of ensuring each tool has the latest capabilities. Before thinking the tool is malfunctioning, double-check to make sure that the tool is up to date. All update information can be found below:   


How to update your TPMS tool:


Software updates are available for purchase by contacting ATEQ TPMS Tools technical support team at (888)621-8767 or at  


About ATEQ TPMS Tools 

ATEQ TPMS Tools, LC is a division of ATEQ which was founded in 1975. We are the number one world supplier in the TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) field by supplying an entire range of TPM activation tools for both assembly lines and tire repair shops. 

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