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September 2019 Software Update – ATEQ VT56 (Americas)

VT56_Screen1_PortugueseLivonia, Michigan (September 9, 2019) – ATEQ is proud to announce the new September 2019 software release. The latest software update includes new vehicle models coverage, updated OE sensor information, increased TPMS coverage for Aftermarket sensor brands, and new Aftermarket TPMS sensor brands. New features include increased coverage for tire placard adjustment, as well as a new multi-programming sensor option.

New version now available: DA1-31-12

New Vehicle Models Added:

BMW X6 (G6) Cadillac CT4, CT5 Chevrolet Corvette (C8) Ferrari F8 Tributo
Monza SP1 Monza SP2 Hyundai Palisade Kia Telluride
Mercedes-Benz GLB Class Volkswagen Arteon

Updated OE Sensor/Relearn Information:

BMW M2 Cadillac STS Ford Transit Honda Odyssey
Hyundai Equus Hyundai Sonata Jaguar F-Type Jeep Gladiator
Land Rover LR2 Land Rover LR4 Land Rover Range Rover Lincoln MKX
Nissan Versa Rolls Royce Dawn Toyota Corolla

Updated Aftermarket Sensor Coverage

image of sensors sept software update

New Aftermarket Sensor Coverage

image of new sensors sept software update

Placard Adjustment

New “Placard value adjustment” coverage available for RAM, Jeep, Fiat, Alfa, Dodge, Chrysler, Smart and Toyota for select model years. This function allows users to adjust the standard placard value settings by transferring the new values to the vehicle’s ECU using an OBD module. This is used when changing tires to a different load index than OE tires, such as off-road tires, oversized tires, or low profile tires, to maintain the TPMS system in operation and avoid the TPMS warning light to show.

Instructions for placard adjustment:

  1. From the main menu, navigate to SERVICE TPMS
  2. Select the vehicle’s  MAKE, MODEL and YEAR
  3. Select the PLACARD icon
  4. Select OK after reading the disclosure to continue
  5. Connect the OBDII module to the tool, turn the ignition on
  6. Select the correct placard pressure according to the new tire’s specifications, starting with the front wheel axle (left front, right front tires)
  7. Connect the OBDII module to the vehicle’s DLC
  8. Select the green button to write the placard pressure to the vehicle’s ECU
  9. Continue step 6-8 for the back wheel axle (left rear, right rear tires)

Placard Change Steps VT56 08302019

Multi-Programming Sensor Option

The new multi-programming sensor option is available for specific sensor brands. This function allows the technician to program multiple sensors at a time in one step,  up to 16 sensors at a time. 

Instructions for Multi-Programming:

  1. From the main menu, navigate to PROGRAM SENSOR
  2. Select the vehicle’s MAKE, MODEL and YEAR / Select the sensor brand you’re working with
  3. Select CREATE SET
  4. Press the green “trigger” button to program multiple sensors at a time. Be sure there are no other sensors within 4 feet during the programming process.

create set steps 56

How to Update Your Tool:

Download WebVT SoftwareDownload PC Drivers

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September 2019 Americas – VT56 (download)

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