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TPMS Diagnostic Information – Honda Ridgeline, 2006-2014 & 2017-2020

Honda Ridgeline

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After the TREAD Act was mandated in 2007, all vehicles manufactured in the United States beginning in 2008, must be installed with direct or indirect TPMS systems.


The Honda Ridgeline is manufactured with a direct TPMS system. Direct TPMS has TPMS sensors installed in the wheel; if one or more tires indicate low tire pressure, the TPMS sensors will transfer the information to the vehicle’s ECU.  An indicator light (low-line TPMS system) or each tire pressure will show on the dash (high-line TPMS system). The indirect TPMS system does not have TPMS sensors in the wheel; TPMS is measured by wheel speed through the ABS system.

Honda Ridgeline Infographic

Type of TPMS system:

  • Direct TPMS system. A TPMS relearn is recommended when replacing a sensor. All OE and aftermarket TPMS part numbers and service kit replacement options for the Honda Civic can be found in the VT56, VT55, VT46 brands and VT36 TPMS Tools in “Service TPMS”.

Type of TPMS frequency:

  • 315 MHz, years 2006-2014
  • 433 MHZ, years 2017-2020

Type of Relearn procedures:

  • Auto Relearn procedure, years 2006-2014 & 2017-2020

Type of TPMS tool required for TPMS reset

  • Direct TPMS system requires TPMS scan tool with OBD module to connect to the vehicle’s DLC (VT56 or VT46 brands), step by step relearn procedures are written in the tool.

Auto Relearn Procedure, years 2006-2014 & 2017-2020

  • OBDII connector is not required 
  • Confirm TPMS sensors are properly installed 
  • Adjust tire pressures to placard value
  • Activate sensors with TPMS tool
  • Start the engine and drive for at least 40 seconds at 15 MPH until telltale is OFF

Troubleshooting tips



Tip 1:

As cited in the TIA TPMS relearn chart, for Direct TPMS Honda systems 2008-2012, “a properly formatted TPMS scan tool is required to learn new sensor IDs when replacing sensors. After sensor ID’s are registered to the vehicle, the [TPMS] MIL (malfunction indicator light) will flash until the vehicle is driven and the sensor ID’s are received by the vehicle. This process can take 1-10 miles of continuous driving.” 

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