Contact tech support

Having issues with your ATEQ tool?

If you have a technical issue, please start by reading the tool user manual or visit the FAQ .

For unresolved issues, please contact your supplier’s Tech Support Helpdesk, where you bought your tool. They are your entry point for all ATEQ TPMS product issues: advanced technical questions, software issues, license updates and more.

When calling Your Suppliers Tech Support Helpdesk, be prepared to answer the following questions:

– What tool model is it? What is the tool’s serial number?
– Is the internal software up to date? Updating your tool solves the majority of issues.
– If you are working on a vehicle, what car make, model and year are you servicing?
– What sensors are you using? Please note the brand and reference of the sensors.

NOTE: If after troubleshooting, it turns out your TPMS tool needs repair, your supplier coordinates the return of the tool to ATEQ’s repair center.

For Technical Support Please Contact Your Supplier

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