VT65 Industrial TPMS Tool

The VT65 is a handheld industrial TPMS engineering tool for manufacturing facilities, on assembly lines and rework stations, or when preparing vehicles for export or domestic dispatch.

Built to meet OEM specifications and requirements, it features TPMS sensor activation and TPMS sensor state manipulation functions, for production and testing.

Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity permits to wirelessly transmit TPMS sensor IDs to a local PC or to the factory network for central data processing. Data can also be transferred via OBD directly to the vehicle’s ECU.

The VT65 can be configured with a LF Antenna Extension. Its ergonomic long nose design delivers easy access to all controls and outstanding operating comfort as it prevents bad postures, making technicians work easier and more efficiently. The interface is simple to use, to avoid any involuntary manipulation.


VT65 features

  • Software built to OEM sensor specifications and requirements
  • Fast and easy TPMS sensor activation, reading and testing
  • Configurable for Automotive Production Lines, Tire Assembly Lines, Repair Work Stations
  • Barcode scanner for fast vehicle or product identification
  • Permits sensor state manipulation (ship mode, park mode, test mode, transmission mode etc.)
  • Data transfer via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or IR
  • OBD2 module to transfer data to the ECU
  • Multilingual, customizable to local language requirements.
  • Optional long antenna to facilitates the technician’s work on the production line.

Customizable Usage Configuration

Different menus options for Automotive Production Lines, Tyre Assembly Lines, Repair Work Stations

Easy icon navigation

The VT65 icons visually guide the user through all the functions and makes it easy to complete the required procedures, repeatedly.

Visualise all data in one screen

The big screen allows to view sensor information for all tires at once: ID, pressure, frequency, temperature and sensor battery life.


VT65 specifications

In the box


  • VT65 tool
  • 24V power charger
  • USB synchronization cable
  • CD with user manual
  • OBD2 module with cable (optional)
  • Long antenna (optional)

VT65 Tool

Size (HxWxD) 6.74” x 4.72” x 3.5” (171 mm x 120 mm x 89 mm)
Weight 1.6 lbs. (0.7 kg)
Screen 4.3 inches
Power Supply Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Casing Protective rubber sleeve
Radio Reception 315 and 433 MHz
Interface Multilingual, can be adapted to local language requirements
Warranty 1 year


Sensor coverage  Customized with Manufacturer specific sensors
Car model coverage  Customized with Manufacturer specific cars

Part numbers

VT65 + LF Antenna Extension TBD
VT65 with Wi-Fi, BT, IR and barcode scanner TBD
VT65 with wifi, BT, IR and barcode scanner + LF Antenna extension TBD


VT65 accessories

VT65 factsheets

Detailed information about the VT65 including features, specifications and more.

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View and download manuals, documents and software (WebVT).

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