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ATEQ TPMS Tools offers French and Spanish languages on website

ATEQ TPMS website croppedLivonia, Michigan – June 14, 2017.  ATEQ TPMS Tools, LC announces the launch of French and Spanish of the Americas region of The website provides essential information about ATEQ TPMS tools, services and education.

The website is part of ATEQ’s outreach efforts to enhance the availability of TPMS tool information and services to French and Spanish speaking customers and partners in North and South America.

“There is an increasing demand for those who seek opportunities to learn more about TPMS systems and tools in Canada, Latin America and South America”, stated Sheila Stevens, Marketing Coordinator at ATEQ TPMS Tools, LC. “We are very proud to introduce new languages to our website to cater to our French and Spanish speaking technicians, customers and partners.”

ATEQ also has bilingual personnel staffing its TPMS support lines in Canada and the United States. For more information, go to and choose your preferred language.

Technical support, USA (English): 888-621-8767 (TPMS)

Technical support, Canada (English/French): 888-455-8767 (TPMS)

Technical support, USA and Latin/South America (Spanish): 210-451-1074


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