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ATEQ TPMS Tools releases new VT36 promotional video

ATEQ TPMS Tools releases a VT36 TPMS Tool promotional video for distributors, partners, and resellers to share with customers. The video covers the latest features and functions added to the VT36 software, including RKE testing and part number lookup. The video features our TPMS sensor partner, HUF Intellisens, during the “copy sensor ID” process.

The VT36 is a TPMS sensor activation and programming tool. For technicians who need a TPMS tool for routine tire maintenance, this mighty hand tool has the ability to read 100% of OE and Aftermarket sensors. It can also program most programmable sensors by copying and cloning sensor ID’s or creating new sensor ID’s. The tool’s back-lit screen displays all sensor data including ID, tire pressure, tire temperature, battery status and frequency.

The VT36 can aid technicians in resetting a TPMS system by activating TPMS sensors for Domestic vehicles requiring a stationary or auto-relearn. The tool also has the ability to test RKE functionality, and look up TPMS sensor part information and service kits, making it the perfect go-to tool to service any vehicle that arrives in the shop.

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