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Meet the sales team: Bruno Rousseau, Global Sales Manager at ATEQ TPMS Tools

bruno rousseauMotivational Monday series – meet Bruno Rousseau

The ATEQ sales team is the mastermind of the team, and we are proud to dedicate the next two months to showing our appreciation to the sales team each Monday with our new series #MondayMotivation. This hashtag is the most popular Monday hashtag on social media, and we feel the world should know just how motivating and awesome our sales team is. We are kicking off the series with the team member who has been at ATEQ the longest on the team, Bruno Rousseau, global TPMS sales manager. We felt it was the perfect way to begin a Monday morning for inspiration by introducing Bruno’s career at ATEQ. It is truly an inspirational story as he started as an intern and now handles TPMS operations worldwide.

Bruno graduated with a Bachelor in Marketing from Sup de Pub in Paris, France. In 1994, he began his career as an intern with ATEQ Corp., the U.S. leak testing division, in Livonia, Michigan. Bruno’s goal was to improve his English, experience a new country, and hopefully network with ATEQ team members and management in the hopes he would be hired after his internship. Bruno exceeded management’s expectations, and he was hired as a leak testing sales manager at ATEQ in the United Kingdom and later relocated to France. He left ATEQ to start a new venture, and eventually returned to the company twelve years later. Today, Bruno holds the position as the global TPMS Sales Manager, where he is responsible for overall operations for ATEQ TPMS in Europe, the Americas, and Asia. He currently resides with his family in Santa Clara, California.

“My favorite part about my current position is the team I work with,” commented Bruno. “With ATEQ being an international company, I have the luxury of working with a fantastic group of individuals on a global level. I believe in working hard, and not taking things so seriously, so although there is a lot of pressure on the sales team, there is also a lot of laughter in the workplace. I believe laughter is the key to building high levels of trust, and people feel empowered to push harder when they are having fun at work.”

When Bruno is not at work, he enjoys spending time with his family and catching up with emails. However, not many people know that Bruno especially loves (and self-proclaims “obsesses” …) over marketing.

“Although I manage sales operations, my love for marketing will never go away. When I have free time, I read books, blogs, and magazines about marketing and how big companies succeed and fail because of their marketing strategy. I believe sales and business operations is the force behind a successful company, but marketing can make or break a company. It is fascinating to watch in the business world.”

Other fun facts about Bruno:

  • His favorite quote, “People who want something, find solutions. People who don’t want something, find excuses!”
  • His childhood hero is his father.
  • He believes the word “patient” best sums up his personality (and we all agree here at ATEQ!)


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