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Meet the team: Erjon Dino, ATEQ TPMS Technical Support

Erjon Dino ATEQ TPMS tech supportErjon Dino began his career at ATEQ as a technical support technician in April 2017. He previously worked as an Automotive Technician at a Mazda dealership while he attended college. Although he came from the automotive industry and worked with TPMS in the shop, he was surprised at the vast capabilities of TPMS technology as well as the powerful features of ATEQ TPMS tools compared to other tools on the market.

“I truly believe ATEQ creates their tools to make a technician’s job easier. Believing in the products and company makes it easy to help our customers with their issues,” commented Erjon. “For example, the VT56 tool and Tire Tread Depth Gauge printing option is a fantastic feature. When I was a technician, I always communicated with our customers about their vehicle to help them understand why they may need to replace a TPMS sensor or a tire. The VT56 allows the technician to print out the information and present the facts. It makes the technicians look more professional, and eases the customer’s mind. It’s good for customers to know they are investing in their vehicle equipment, and helps technicians to build a trusting relationship with customers.”

Erjon Dino TPMS tech supportATEQ technical support employees work many hours throughout the week and answer many phone calls from customers throughout North America. Erjon believes he’s learned and grown tremendously in the customer service world since beginning his career with ATEQ.

“We receive a few hundred calls and emails per day from many different people from the industry. Some know a lot about TPMS or very little; they may have simple questions and very complicated issues. At the end of the day, we are here to hear their story, dig in, and solve their issue in the most professional way. It is extremely rewarding when a customer learns more about their tool, about TPMS technology, and in the end, we are able to take a huge weight off their shoulders. The best part about my job, is I am on the other end now, helping out the technician to get their job done and increase a shop’s bottom line.”

sema 2018 2Erjon is originally from Korça, Albania and has lived in the Metro Detroit, Michigan area since 2002. In Spring 2018, he graduated with an Associates of Electrical Engineering from Schoolcraft College. In his spare time, Erjon enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing soccer or relaxing at the movies. He hopes to continue his career at ATEQ, using what he learned in college to make a difference in the TPMS industry. Erjon has attended SEMA, AAPEX and automotive educational seminars to increase his knowledge of TPMS diagnostics, and we can’t wait to see what the future brings for him at ATEQ.

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