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Meet the sales team: Jacques Mouchet, ATEQ Founder and President

Jacques Mouchet, founder of ATEQ TPMS Tools

Jacques Mouchet, founder of ATEQ TPMS Tools

Jacques Mouchet founded ATEQ in 1975 as a leak and flow testing company selling solutions to manufacturers across Western Europe. ATEQ’s inventions of the first range of leak testing products for the automotive industry dominated the manufacturing sector with Jacques’ business approach to service and sell quality control solutions with their own engineering team and experts. Business demand increased quickly, and the company expanded worldwide in the early 1990’s to the Americas and Asia. Today, the company has divided its expertise into three divisions of measurement system tool solutions: Leak Flow Testing, Aviation, and TPMS. The company is now a $100 million global company with offices in more than 20 countries and 37 cities.

Mouchet is a man of vision with a fantastic business sense, and also a brilliant innovator. In the early 2000’s, being an expert in measurement solutions, the OE automotive industry sought Mouchet to develop TPMS solutions for valve and sensor testing. At this time, ATEQ was regarded as a highly-respected worldwide leak and flow testing company in the automotive manufacturing sector. Though his business intuition and research, Mouchet believed there were a need and chance of exponential growth of tire pressure monitoring system measurement tools. The ATEQ TPMS division, or ATEQ TPMS Tools, was founded in 2004. Today, ATEQ TPMS Tools dominates the industry with TPMS tools and solutions for the OEM and Aftermarket.


  • TPMS tools are industrial and assembly lines with 80% OEM market share worldwide
  • R&D and tech centers using ATEQ services from nearly 100% of OE manufacturers
  • Major OEM dealerships use ATEQ TPMS tools


  • ATEQ manufactured TPMS tools are widely used in almost every tire facility, general repair shops, tire dealers and most national accounts globally
  • Works with aftermarket multi-protocol and programmable sensors manufacturers from OE to aftermarket
  • Manufacturer for most private branded tools in the industry

Mouchet has created TPMS tool solutions with speed, accuracy, which are also up to date with vehicle and sensor coverage and OE-compliant. He has developed many patents including products such as the TPMS checkbox, tire pressure inflator and technological features within the tools. Mouchet’s patented tools and solutions have won many prestigious awards in the industry including the Innovation Awards (PTEN), Top 20 Tools Awards (Motor Magazine), Import Vehicle Community Awards, and more.

The biggest contribution of practices and services in the tire industry was the release of the VT55 TPMS tool, which has become the staple of TPMS tools in the market for the ATEQ branded and private branded tools. It is the only TPMS tool that has been in the industry for a strong 10 years and has been the only TPMS tool to withstand the many years of evolutionary changes with software updates, rather than hardware changes. When the VT55 was first introduced to the industry, it was a TPMS sensor reader, and over time, it evolved to an all-in-one tool TPMS tool to include features such as the OBDII information transfer, sensor programming, relearns, part number lookup, RKE testing, and more.

Mouchet’s vision is to continue to develop all-around tool solutions for the industry, creating valuable products with a long shelf life that can evolve over time. He believes the automotive industry takes a team of artists and talent to develop a perfect solution for users. Mouchet has grown his trusted team of researchers and business development to take his solutions to the industry and revolutionize the products over time to make ATEQ the highest quality and most valuable solutions in the market. He is never too proud to credit his team for their hard work and progress to make ATEQ what it is today.

More than anything, Mouchet treats his employees like family. Taking care of his employees is his number one priority and advice to other business owners. The small turn-over at ATEQ proves he has created a healthy work environment for his ATEQ family. There are many employees at ATEQ that have been with the company for over ten years, and some over forty years.

Today, Mouchet resides in Singapore with his family. He is still very involved in the company and doesn’t plan on retiring anytime soon. ATEQ TPMS (USA) employees look forward to SEMA and AAPEX where they can meet with Jacques at the annual trade show.

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