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Meet the sales team: Jim Chen, Sales Manager, North America

jim chen1We are thrilled to introduce Jim Chen this week for our Monday Motivation series this week. Jim is well known as a true TPMS expert. His wealth of knowledge about TPMS and the automotive industry has helped countless customers and partners fit their needs.

Jim graduated with a Bachelor of Political Science from National Cheng-Chi University in Taipei City, Taiwan. He first worked for a privately owned financial company before migrating to an automotive parts manufacturer, where he fell in love with the automotive industry. In 2008, Jim began his career at ATEQ Pacific as a TPMS Sales Manager, just as the TPMS industry was starting to pick up. With his extensive experience in the automotive manufacturing business since 1999, he was quick to learn and studied Tire Pressure Monitoring System technology extensively. In 2008, as TPMS exploded in the United States with the mandated TREAD Act, ATEQ felt he would be a perfect fit as a TPMS Sales Manager in North America.

“From when TPMS technology was first introduced to the industry to today, ATEQ has been able to work with just about any challenge that comes in the field. It is an honor to work with a worldwide team that cares about making real changes in the industry for the better. Making a technician’s job easier is something we take great pride in,” commented Jim Chen. “I love the challenge of solving customer’s issues. If you tell me something isn’t possible, I will do my best to make it possible.”

Since day one, Jim has performed both behind the scenes with executives and in the shop with shop owners and technicians. Today, he works closely with Eri Muca in TPMS Aftermarket Sales for North America where he continues to achieve great success in sales and building relationships in the field. He resides in California with his family, where he primarily works on the West Coast with sales reps, distributors, and partners.

Other fun facts about Jim:

  • His childhood hero was Superman.
  • He believes “unpredictable” best sums up his personality. If you ever get the chance to meet Jim, we think you’ll agree!
  • When he’s not at work, he enjoys playing and watching baseball with his kids.
  • His favorite quote: “Only He Who Can See The Invisible Can Do The Impossible”

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