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VIDEO: Low line vs high line TPMS systems

TPMS systems are categorized as “low line” and “high line”.

A low line TPMS system indicates low tire pressure with the TPMS light only. You must use a tire pressure gauge or TPMS tool to read the tire pressure of the tire. When the tire pressure underinflated by 25%, the light will stay on until it filled with the proper amount of air in the tire. If there is a system malfunction, the light will flash for one minute when starting your vehicle.

A high line TPMS system displays the tire pressure of each tire on the dash or instrument display. If there is a sensor malfunction, the TPMS sensor will report the location of the sensor.

A high line TPMS system is more sophisticated for a customer than a low line system, however, the low line system is used on many vehicles because of its lower cost.

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