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VIDEO: How proper tire inflation can save you money, increase the value of your tires

Want to increase TPMS and tire sales? Help your customers understand how they can increase the life and value of their tires with proper tire inflation.

75% of roadside flats are caused by a slow leak or under inflation. Keep your customers educated about tire inflation with these 3 tips.

  1. Check the placard, located on the door jamb, for the proper tire inflation of the vehicle. This helps customers understand what the proper tire inflation is for their vehicle. Proper inflation helps tire tread stay even and prevents tire blow-outs.
  2. Stop by the shop for regular tire maintenance, such as a tire rotation and alignment. For example, for equal tire wear, tire rotations should be performed just about every oil change.
  3. Continue to check your tire pressure, even with TPMS systems in place. The Tire Industry Association recommends drivers should check their tire pressure at least once a month.

Keeping your customers educated is important to build trust and confidence in your shop. Then, when it is time that they have a TPMS MIL and they need their sensors replaced, or a tire replaced, they will trust your shop when the recommendations are made. Remember, education is key to make the sale.

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