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VIDEO: How to retrieve TPMS sensor ID’s with the VT56

ATEQ TPMS Tools releases a new video on how to retrieve TPMS sensor ID’s with the VT56, transferring from the OBDII.  The feature is limited to specific MMY’s and sensor companies. Update your VT56 to the latest software version to get the new functionality.

retrieve sensor id

Scenarios for retrieve the TPMS sensor ID’s to copy to programmable sensors include:

  • If all TPMS sensors need to be replaced. Typically, when one OE TPMS sensor battery dies (average lifespan is 8-10 years), the others batteries on the other three sensors could be weak as well. If one sensor goes, it is good to recommend to replace all the sensors on the vehicle to avoid paying for extra services.
  • During tire rotations, just be sure to copy the sensors to the correct wheels.
  • For summer/winter tire changes, again, be sure to copy the sensors to the correct wheels.
  • To view all TPMS sensor information all at once without having to go to each tire to activate the sensors.

The video walks the user step-by-step on how to obtain all the TPMS sensors ID using the OBDII module. Once the ID’s are copied to the VT56, users can clone the sensor ID’s to the programmable sensors on one screen. Up to 7 sensors can be copied at a time, for dually vehicles. Users can benefit by skipping the relearn process if all sensors are copied to new programmable sensors and installed to the correct wheels correctly.

Hamaton U-Pro TPMS sensor is featured in the video.

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