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Selling TPMS: TPMS sensors of quality and integrity (VIDEO & ARTICLE)

To work any vehicle that comes in the shop for TPMS services, shops must carry more than one OE and/or Aftermarket sensor brand. ATEQ TPMS tools are known for working with more sensor brands than any other tool on the market. We pride ourselves on the relationships we’ve built with the most reputable and quality TPMS sensor companies, and our tools can read 100% of OE and Aftermarket sensors on the market.

For customers who currently have a variety of aftermarket brands, rather than swaying them to a single brand of sensors, allow them to use what’s comfortable for them. The more brands of sensors your customers have, the better the vehicle coverage they will likely have. ATEQ TPMS Tools can read 100% of OE and Aftermarket sensors that are on the market, and can program the following brands of sensors using the VT36 and VT56 in North America: Alligator Sens.It, Schrader EZ sensor, Dill REDI-Sensor HUF Intellisens, Hamaton U-Pro, Mobiletron, Orange Universal, BWD Standard QWIK sensor, NAPA QWIK, Steelman Select, PDQ Programmable, MAX T.O.T.A.L., and Dynamic Pro-Select.

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Your shop’s reputation is on the line, don’t let them turn away customers! Sell TPMS sensors and TPMS tools that are of the highest quality standards and reliable on the field. ATEQ TPMS Tools and our partners are the best way to get TPMS service done the first time, every time.

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