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Meet the sales team: Asher Qian, Sales Manager at ATEQ TPMS Tools – Japan

Asher Qian TPMS sales managerMotivational Monday series – meet Asher Qian

For week two of the Motivational Monday series, we take you overseas as we introduce Asher Qian, Sales Manager for ATEQ TPMS Tools in Japan. Asher is a staple for TPMS sales in Japan, and his knowledge and engineering skills have brought great success in his region.

Asher graduated with a Bachelor degree from Suzuka International University in Mie, Japan. He began his career as an equipment engineer at an FA device manufacturer which helped him gain knowledge and experience of industrial manufacturing. His background impressed ATEQ management, and in 2006, he was hired as a sales engineer at ATEQ in the Japanese region. He is now responsible for ATEQ TPMS in the Japanese region for OEM, Aftermarket and Industrial sales.

“Concerns about having proper tire inflation and the impact it can have on driver’s safety, fuel efficiency and carbon emission quickly spread around the world, and there became a need for TPMS tool projects in Japan, especially for the Industrial and OEM market early-on,” commented Asher. “ATEQ was my first job in the automotive manufacturing industry, and I was lucky to be able to work at the first ‘wave’ of TPMS in Japan back in 2006. Today, we are entering the fast-paced world of Aftermarket TPMS. It is a very exciting time for us here in Japan.”

Asher has grown ATEQ TPMS tool and services sales exponentially in his region throughout the years with his engineering and investigative skills, and especially his understanding of what his customers need.

“I believe the most important aspect to being a good business professional is being a good listener, which is one of the best assets I can present to the table. Interacting with our customers is always a pleasure. I especially enjoy helping customers with difficult projects. We have a dynamic team here at ATEQ Japan, who are especially fantastic at breaking ground with new customers by adapting the perfect solution.”

Other fun facts about Asher:
• His favorite quote, “No pain, no gain”
• His childhood heroes are his parents.
• When he is not at work, he enjoys spending time with his children at every chance he gets.


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