VT56 Software license


Receive monthly updates on your VT56 TPMS tool with the annual software subscription including the latest and greatest features and coverage. The latest software update subscription also includes new tool functionalities, procedures, corrections, vehicle coverage, sensor coverage and more.


VT56 Software license features

  • New vehicle and OE Aftermarket sensor coverage added each month
  • New OBD relearn routines added every month.
  • Subscribe to receive a tech release email for each release
  • Update the VT56 TPMS tool as many times as needed with the annual subscription

VT56 Software license specifications

Part numbers

Americas VT56 Software Subscription, 1-year – SW56-0001
VT56 Software Subscription, 2-year – SW56-0002
VT56 Software Subscription, 3-year – SW56-0003
Europe, MEA VT56 Software Subscription, 1-year – 6660218

Visit the VT56 Software license support page

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