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ATEQ TPMS introduces the VT TRUCK at TIRE Cologne

VT36 - with truck wheel close upParis, France (30/05/2018) – ATEQ, the world’s number one TPMS tool manufacturer, hits the heavy load vehicles market with the ATEQ VT TRUCK, a compact and sturdy TPMS tool specifically designed to meet fleet management and maintenance demands.

Today, the road transport industry is facing three major challenges: cost efficiency, safety, and environmental concerns. TPMS systems address simultaneously all of the challenges by monitoring tire health in real-time.

According to an independent study, about one-quarter of all truck tires are underinflated, running at least 10% below the recommended pressure, causing breakdowns, increased tread wear and increased fuel costs.

By checking the truck tire pressure regularly – for example, every time the vehicle enters the company park – or in real time directly inside the cab, companies and fleet managers can dramatically improve tire life and the overall truck security.

The VT TRUCK easily checks tire pressure and sensor batteries to prevent under-inflation and reduce vehicle downtime due to tire blowouts (breakdowns). The tool is compatible with most truck and bus TPMS sensors and has bimonthly updateable vehicle coverage.

The VT TRUCK displays and stores with up to 22 wheels of vehicle data and can read TPMS sensors in twin wheels. The tool reads and activates the TPMS sensors by selecting vehicle brand and model, by sensor or simply by scanning all known protocols.

The VT TRUCK is ideal for transport fleets, truck dealerships, and multi-brand service workshops. It comes with 3 years of free software and database updates.

For a demo, visit the ATEQ TPMS Tools booth B37/B39 Hall 8.1 at the Tire show in Cologne, from May 29th – June 1st, 2018.

VT TRUCK key features

  • Ideal for fleet management and heavy vehicle maintenance
  • Activates TPMS sensors of major truck and bus brands
  • Checks tire pressure to prevent under-inflation and to reduce vehicle downtime
  • Checks sensor battery level to prevent sensor failure
  • Displays all sensor data: ID, tire pressure, tire temperature, battery status etc.
  • Identifies the sensor by vehicle, by sensor reference or by protocol scanning
  • Small in size to easily access within the wheel arch
  • Handles twin wheels’ configuration with ease
  • Manages and stores up to 22 wheels
  • Vehicle coverage with frequent database updates
  • 3 years of software updates included

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