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Meet the team: Desart Dinkollari, ATEQ TPMS Technical Support and Service Manager

desart1Desart began his career in 2006 as a Service Technician at a KIA dealership. Through KIA corporate training, an automotive background and his interest for the business side of the aftermarket automotive industry, Desart was the perfect candidate as a TPMS trainer and support technician at ATEQ TPMS Tools in 2014. He was soon promoted to TPMS service and support manager, where he has excelled in support, customer service, TPMS training and logistics.

Desart has traveled to the ATEQ headquarters in France and will soon travel to ATEQ Taiwan to work with manufacturing with a goal of standardizing operations, service and logistics for ATEQ worldwide. His experiences and knowledge have improved ATEQ TPMS operations in North America as the company has grown exponentially in the last few years.

“With ATEQ having such a large global footprint, we are quite diverse, and everyone brings something different to the table. As a global company, we have the luxury of having access to a large pool of talent from software engineers, database managers, sales, logistics and much more. I am lucky enough to work with many talented employees on a daily basis, even when they are thousands of miles away,” commented Desart. “ATEQ has created a very strong global work force and it has been an honor to grow with the company throughout the years. The most rewarding part of my position is having the ability to pass on the torch to help others achieve their career goals as they grow and develop within the company. I believe as we work together, we can achieve greatness at ATEQ.”

Although Desart has been working behind the scenes to improve North American operations, his background in automotive does not keep him away from TPMS technological improvements. He is hopeful that TPMS education becomes an industry norm in curriculums as time passes.

“TPMS is now a very big industry. Working in the past as a technician and now on the business side of TPMS, I believe TPMS education should be introduced early on in the academic stages of a technician. There are a lot of tech and industry associations that are doing a fantastic job of trying to increase TPMS knowledge and safety awareness. I hope to have the ability to work with our partners in the future developments within vocational schools and colleges nationwide as TPMS technology become an accentual service to overall vehicle maintenance,” said Desart.

Desart DinkollariDesart is originally from Korça, Albania and has lived in the Metro Detroit, Michigan area since he was 11 years old. After earning a Certification in Automotive Engineering Technology at Henry Ford College in Detroit, Michigan, he attended Schoolcraft College in Livonia, Michigan to study Business Management. In his spare time, Desart enjoys spending time and relaxing with family and friends, and playing soccer. He plans to excel in his career at ATEQ TPMS and hopes to work in different aspects of the business while staying in the same industry.

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