Aggiornamento Software Aprile 2020, Europa


ATEQ è orgogliosa di annunciare le nuove versioni software di aprile per i dispositivi VT36, VT46 (per tutte le varianti di marca dei dispositivi), VT55 e VT56. L'ultimo aggiornamento software include la NUOVA funzionalità WIFI per VT56 - che consente agli utenti di aggiornare il software del loro strumento in modalità wireless senza un PC - copertura di nuovi modelli di veicoli, informazioni aggiornate sui sensori OE e copertura dei sensori post-vendita aggiornata.

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COVID-19 – ATEQ preserves its services and takes care of its employees and customers


ATEQ is closely monitoring the current situation around the COVID-19 and takes the necessary steps to meet the needs of its employees and customers around the world.

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EMEA TPMS diagnostic tips on FORD KUGA (2014-2020)


TPMS relearn procedure and other TPMS diagnostic system information on the Ford Kuga, a top-selling vehicle of 2019.

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EMEA TPMS diagnostic tips on TOYOTA C-HR (2016-2020)


TPMS relearn procedure and other TPMS diagnostic system information on the Toyota C-HR, a top-selling vehicle of 2019.

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ATEQ showcases how to programme RFID Tire data to TPMS sensors at Tire Technology Expo 2020


ATEQ TPMS Tools, leading manufacturer of TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) diagnostic tools and solutions, will present a unique procedure to programme RFID Tire Data into TPMS/TMS sensors at the Tire Technology Expo in Hannover, from 25 to 27th of February...

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2019 December Software update release notes, Europe


ATEQ is proud to announce the December software release for the VT36, VT46 (including branded versions), VT55 and VT56. The update includes new and updated vehicle models, OE-sensor and relearn information and new Aftermarket sensors.

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ATEQ TPMS Tools Appoints Agneta Ronceret to OEM, TRUCK and INDUSTRIAL Sales Manager


ATEQ TPMS Tools, LC, the leading manufacturer of TPMS diagnostic tools and solutions, is ready to meet the growing demands of the OEM, TRUCK and INDUSTRIAL markets naming Agneta Ronceret as EMEA TPMS MANAGER for these 3 markets.

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ATEQ TPMS TOOLS announces VT TRUCK tool software update


Proud finalist in the International Grands Prix for Automotive Innovation at the EquipAuto trade show in Paris, the ATEQ VT TRUCK – the smart heavy-duty vehicle TPMS maintenance tool for dealerships, multi-brand workshops, fleet managers and hauliers – has recently been updated to include more than 20 new vehicle and sensor combinations and now includes the following new features and content...

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ATEQ TPMS Tools, LC, leader of TPMS Tool solutions for the OE, industrial and aftermarket industries, announced the promotion of Eri Muca to global aftermarket TPMS Manager.

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Aftermarket News: 5-minute chat with Marco Matuszak, Aftermarket Executive Manager


The editorial staff at Aftermarket News selected Marco Matuszak, Aftermarket TPMS Executive, in a 5-minute chat about his career at ATEQ. The interview was conducted by Christelle Hyenne, Marketing Manager Europe.

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