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Meet the sales team: Eri Muca, TPMS Sales Director, Americas

Eri headshotThis week, we introduce Eri Muca, newly appointed Director of Sales for the Aftermarket at ATEQ TPMS Tools. Eri began his career at ATEQ in 2008 as a leak testing technician, and today holds responsibility as the Director of TPMS Aftermarket in the America’s region. He works closely with Bruno Rousseau, Global TPMS Sales Manager and Davy Leboucher, ATEQ North American CEO.

Originally from Albania, Eri graduated with an Associate of Electronic Engineering from ITT Technician Institute in Detroit, Michigan. However, he credits his sales and customer service experiences from his childhood business back in his home country of Albania.

“I have been involved in customer service and sales since 8 years old, back in Albania. Once Albania became a democratic country, and free from communism, my family started our own business selling home appliances. This business was targeted in two branches: distributors and end users. Therefore, since I was very young, I had a good understanding how to navigate from a distributor to an end user,” explained Eri. “At that time, my family had the exclusivity right to bring in products from name brands such as: Ariston, Whirlpool, Fujitsu, Deco and more. Growing up in the family business environment, I gained a lot real-life experiences early-on that schools cannot teach. I learned about how to build relationships and most importantly, how to run a business. At a very young age I had a strong understand of the phrase, ‘You have to invest money in order to make money.’ That phrase is very important to run a healthy business.”

Eri has been highly successful in the aftermarket business, building long-lasting relationships and increasing sales through creative and strategic solutions. He thrives on the challenges of the fast-paced aftermarket world, as well as providing the right TPMS solutions for customers and partners. He feels ATEQ provides a dynamic environment for building a dominating team.

“My train of thought is ‘impossible is nothing’. My ‘fighter’ personality helps overcome many of the challenges of the automotive aftermarket industry,” commented Eri. “Moreover, it takes a great team to do great things. I am grateful for the opportunity to work employees, partners and customers of different cultures as I believe everyone’s input makes our tools and services better. As long as we continue to improve and provide the right solutions for our customers and partners, we will continue to dominate the TPMS market.”

Other fun facts about Eri:

  • Favorite quote: “My favorite quote is from an Albanian woman that gave the entire world a lot of love, Mother Teresa (her name Anjeze Gonxhe Bojaxhiu), ‘Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love’”
  • Favorite things to do when not working: “I enjoy numerous things outside of work. I love to spend time with the ones I love most, my family, and especially my little flower, my daughter Iris. I also enjoy watching soccer, being outdoors, watching Formula One Racing, and reading history books.”
  • Childhood hero: “My childhood heroes do not come from pages of comic books, sport players, actors, politicians, historians… my childhood heroes are my parents. They taught me with love and care how to be the man I am today. They taught me that family is everything. Growing up in a communist country, life is not easy, however, both my parents raised us with love and sacrificed everything for my brother and I. I live in the greatest country in the world because my parents sacrificed everything to come to the United States, and once we were here, they both worked very hard to build strong foundations for my brother and I, and for that, they are my heroes! I always say ‘I was raised by a king and queen’ and for that I am very happy and lucky.”

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