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ATEQ TPMS Tools Announce Commercial Truck Upgrade for VT56 Users in Europe


ATEQ TPMS Tools is proud to announce an upcoming software update for VT56 users in Europe. This upgrade gives tool users access to read and diagnose TPMS on all commercial trucks on the road.

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VT37 TPMS Diagnostic, Trigger and Programming Tool


The VT37 is the new base tool for DIYers, technicians and front counter workers, which is designed to activate, read and service all major sensor brands.

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TPMS Diagnostic Information – 2021 Ford Bronco


In this week's article, we'll cover TPMS diagnostic information for the new 2021 Ford Bronco, which uses a direct TPMS system.

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Tire Tread Depth: What is it and Why it Matters


Measuring the Tire Tread Depth is an important factor in vehicle maintenance. This article will go through exactly what tire tread is and how to manage it.

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TPMS Diagnostic Information – Nissan Maxima, 2006-2020


This week's article will cover diagnostic information on the Nissan Maxima, years 2006-2020. Videos include the OBD process and part number look-up.

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TPMS Diagnostic Information – Cadillac CTS, 2004-2020


In this week's diagnostic article, information about the Cadillac CTS will be covered, including OBD relearn information and placard adjustment.

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TPMS Diagnostic Information – Jeep Grand Cherokee, 2001-2020


In this week's article, information about the Jeep Grand Cherokee will be covered, including DTC codes, the OBD relearn and sensor information.

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TPMS Diagnostic Information – Honda CR-Z, 2011-2016


This week's diagnostic article focuses on the Honda CR-Z. Topics include the unique OBD relearn with video instruction and tips.

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TPMS Diagnostic Information – Chevy Blazer, 2019-2021


This week's diagnostic article includes information on the Chevy Blazer. Topics include OBD relearn tips and videos, sensor information and more.

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TPMS Diagnostic Information – Nissan Frontier, 2003-2020


Nissan Frontier TPMS diagnostic information and troubleshooting tips, including TPMS reset information, correct ways to read TPMS, and more.

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