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Historical Snowstorm Filomena: Why Tyre Pressure is More Important Than Ever

Paris, FranceThe latest winter weather conditions, the Filomena storm, the great cold, the ice storm in Spain and France and finally rain, is a telltale that winter has really set in. Knowing that temperatures have a direct influence on tyre pressure, both Spain and France vehicle owners would be well under the air pressure recommended by car manufacturers (-20%). On top of that could be added the low tread and uneven wear phenomena. Let’s discover how to improve tyre safety throughout the winter months in 2021.

Tyre Pressure Control and TPMS

Temperatures in Spain have fallen in recent days, with temperatures as low as -25.4 C nationally, -10.8 C in Madrid and -13.2 C at Barajas airport. This is unprecedented in central and eastern Spain and could imply serious tyre problems for many cars on Spanish roads. France recorded snowy episodes in the north, center and east with a drastic drop in temperatures in the Jura, going down to -26 C.

It is therefore essential to control the pressure of our tyres once per week and meet a professional to maintain an optimal pressure level, reset a flashing TPMS light on our dashboard, check our lights, breaks and avoid tread patterns lower than the legal minimum of 1.6 millimeters, uneven tyre wear due to poor suspension or wheel balancing, or tyres with inadequate pressure – too flat or too inflated.

Winter Tyres for Road Safety

Winter tyres are the subject of a new law “Mountain II” for the end of 2021. Winter tyres are highly recommended because of their greater grip and therefore performance on the road. Their profile made of multiple sipes and grooves protect us in case of more or less abrupt braking, snow, ice sheet, frost, ice and aquaplanning. During winter, the weather conditions change quickly, that’s why a maximum stability on the road is of utmost importance to have a maximum control of vehicles and to drive safe on the road.

DIY Tools & Automotive Professionals

ATEQ TPMS is a resource to help and assist all automotive professionals and DIYers with any TPMS related questions, training or need. ATEQ TPMS tools are designed to assist vehicle workshops in servicing TPMS sensors, tyres, car batteries, and much more.

Automotive professionals already use ATEQ VT56 TPMS Management Tool with OBD Module and Tyre Tread Depth Gauge to measure tyre tread depth with high accuracy when checking TPMS sensors during routine service and maintenance checks. For DIYers, the ATEQ Quickset X TPMS Reset Tool could be an option to swap summer/winter tyres, reset a TPMS system after programming new sensors, or after rotating tyres.

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