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VIDEO: How to perform a stationary (manual) procedure


ATEQ TPMS Tools releases new TPMS educational video on how to perform a stationary TPMS relearn procedure on a 2011 Ford Fusion. The video uses the ATEQ VT56 TPMS tool to reset the TPMS system.

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September 2017 Software Update – Europe


ATEQ announces the European September Software Update for the VT36, VT46, VT55 and VT56 TPMS tools, including new vehicles and new functionalities.

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June 2017 Software Update, Europe


ATEQ is proud to announce the European June 2017 software release for the VT36, VT55 and VT56 TPMS tools.

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The difference between OBD, auto and stationary TPMS relearns


Relearn procedures differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, the three types of relearn procedures are auto relearn, stationary and OBD.

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March 2017 Software Update, Europe


ATEQ is proud to announce the new March software updates for the ATEQ TPMS tools VT36, VT46 and VT56. The VT55 update is still in under development and will be released the first week of April.

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New video: How to program a blank sensor with the ATEQ VT56 TPMS tool


Replace an old sensor by creating a new sensor ID using a blank aftermarket programmable sensor.

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January 2017 Software Update – Europe


Discover what's new in the ATEQ TPMS tool January 2017 update. This software release includes new 2017 car models, improved sensor coverage, as well as new functions and corrections.

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ATEQ Launches New Tire Tread Depth Gauge Accessory


Livonia, MI (February 2016) – ATEQ TPMS Tools, LC, industry leading manufacturer of OE and Aftermarket TPMS Tools, has added the TTD (Tire Tread Depth) gauge to its newest line of TPMS tool accessories. With the TTD accessory connected to the VT56 TPMS Tool, technicians can now provide a complete tire and TPMS sensor check during routine maintenance.

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Software Update Version DA1-09-04 – VT56 OBDII TPMS Diagnostic Tool


TEQ TPMS Tools is proud to announce the new software update DA1-09-04 for the VT56 OBDII TPMS Diagnostic Tool (P/N TS56-1000 and TS56-1001).

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Software Update Version CA2-10-02 – VT55 OBDII TPMS Diagnostic Tool


The latest software update includes the following information: new car models 2013 and 2015 for OE sensors’ recognition and more programmable sensors’ coverage.

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