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Meet the sales team: Agneta Ronceret, European Sales Manager

Agneta Ronceret headshotThis week, we introduce Agneta Ronceret, European Sales Manager at ATEQ TPMS Tools. She holds responsibility for Aftermarket and OEM TPMS tool sales in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australia/New Zealand.

Originally from Sweden, Agneta lives in France more than 20 years. Her professional experiences include various executive positions in sales, marketing and product management for hi-tech and consumer electronics fields before she was hired as EMEA Sales Manager at ATEQ TPMS Tools in October 2015 in Paris, France.

“My position at ATEQ has many challenges of increasing our market share in many countries from different economic and cultural backgrounds, regulations and laws. I’m always up for the challenge!” commented Agneta. “It’s a pleasure to work with customer and partners throughout the world. It helps us understand how to make our products more user-friendly for many regions, and not just focusing our attention on English-speakers.”

With TPMS being mandatory in Europe since 2014, ATEQ TPMS solutions have reached a dominating position in the European market. However, Agneta’s position holds many challenges to expand the market in areas in which TPMS is not yet mandated, such as Australia, Africa and the Middle East. With many Asian, European and American vehicles imported to un-regulated regions, garages and tire shops still need a solution to turn the light off.

“The TPMS industry has great opportunities as more countries realize the positive impact of having TPMS systems in place. As the market grows and technology changes, it’s the perfect time to work in the OEM and Aftermarket industry.”

Other fun facts about Agneta:

  • Agneta speaks 4 languages including English, French, German and Swedish.
  • When she’s not at work, she enjoys traveling with her family to different countries and exposing her children to many fun activities.
  • Her favorite quote is an African proverb: “Alone, I go faster. Together, we go further.”
  • She believes the word “determined” best sums up her personality.


Meet Agneta and her team at Automechanika Frankfurt, Sept. 11-15, 2018! ATEQ TPMS Tools will be exhibiting, Hall 9.0 booth D96.


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